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ERP Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

From quantities on hand to best shipping route possible.

Creating across the board efficiency with custom ERP packages.

Manufacturing companies each have unique and complex business challenges, as there are many different departments and processes involved with a single transaction. Each department’s efficiencies have an impact on the overall profits.

Thus increasing the need for tailored applications. In manufacturing, the need for customized business systems is important for all departments to complete tasks quickly and accurately. Customizations to ERP packagesallow staff in all departments to reduce time necessary to complete tasks and increase overall organizational efficiency.

No one understands the need for increased efficiency and reduced time to complete tasks quite like manufacturers, as every minute that can be taken off the time to produce items equals money saved, which means money earned. That’s where an investment in a tailored solution can provide a positive impact to the bottom line and give management the necessary insights into production.

Client Success Story

Allegro’s client, a corrugated manufacturer, purchased a Symix package to automate many aspects of the manufacturing operation. The client wanted to replace the generic cost-estimating system with one tailored to their operation — one which would provide very quick and accurate estimates for least-cost and preferred routing options. This new estimate system would enable the salespeople to better compete in a market of extremely narrow profit margins.

Allegro was contracted to participate in the final design stages of this system, and to translate the SQL prototype into the actual Progress code needed to drop plug-and-play into the existing Symix system.

With the new system, a salesperson can take user requirements, determine different machine routing paths, accurately estimate costs for each path, modify the data based on preferences, and modify the cost formulas to determine the final cost and generate quote values. Once a salesperson has completed an estimate and booked a customer order, the order and route information is fed back seamlessly into the Symix system for order tracking and product delivery.

  • As part of the client management software solution, Allegro:
  • Customized the client quoting process to automatically link the technical specifications and manufacturing documents.
  • Added ability to track labor and materials cost inside the sales system.

Through working with this manufacturer, Allegro was able to improve management insights into the profitability of quotes, as well as improved job tracking.