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ERP Solutions for the Shipping Industry

Streamline processes to save you money.

Increase efficiency with custom ERP modules.

Logistics companies each have unique and complex business challenges, as there are many different departments and processes involved with each truckload.

During the process of shipping, multiple departments have an impact on the final delivery of products to customers, thus increasing the need for all departments to have access to the same information. No one understands the need for increased efficiency and reduced time to complete tasks quite like shippers, as every minute that can be taken off the time to ship items equals money saved, which means money earned. That’s where an investment in a customized solution can provide a positive impact to the bottom line and give management the necessary insights into truckloads.

Client Success Story

Allegro’s client wanted to plan and manipulate truckloads, allowing in-depth control of product shipment. The company also wanted to obtain open orders and other related data from established Symix system, and then manipulate these shipments into truckloads. This load information could then be further processed through the billing stage and the updated information fed back into Symix.  Allegro designed, developed, and implemented these add-on systems. The new modules compile open orders, by due date or order number, into the truckload planning system.  An interface with a concurrent system provides pallet size and quantity, cubic volume of load, and other information. The add-on systems allow the client to plan truckloads in advance and translate them into bills of lading at departure time from the shipping dock. The client can now track revisions to the bills of lading as corrections come back from customers.  Once final acceptance of the invoice occurs, Symix inventory adjustment, general ledger and journal entry routines are invoked to feed appropriate information back into Symix for job completion processing.

As part of the new Progress shipping solution, Allegro:

  • Customized the client truckload planning process to automatically link their existing Symix system with new custom modules allowing greater control over data and planning.
  • Added ability to track revisions of bills of lading.

Through working with this shipper, Allegro was able to improve insights into the planning of truck loads for increased efficiency.