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ERP Solutions for Printing

Streamline processes to save you money.

Increase efficiency with custom ERP modules.

Sometimes, what seems like a simple task can create a string of problems that causes business pains. 

Take Allegro’s customer who needed help with printing issues for instance.  Something as simple as having the remittance printed along with the check can be missing from the process.  In turn, the need for employee touches increases causing errors.  Allegro can help take the hassle out of check printing and security measures.

Client Success Story

WDS-II module was printing checks on pre-printed forms on a dot matrix printer. They had huge remittances that were printed on another printer, then had to be matched up with the proper checks. It was cumbersome and there was a significant need for human efforts thus, many errors.

Allegro created a new module that sent the check information to the magnetic ink printer complete with the PCL code for the new form they wanted. The check stock is blank except for color on the bottom third and a watermark for security reasons. The MICR line on the bottom of the check is added as another font. When the client now prints their checks, the remittance space is bigger and automatically overflows to another page which is plain paper from tray 2. A second copy is printed after the first batch which is the same except it doesn’t have the MICR line, it says NON-NEGOTIABLE and all these pages are on plain white paper.  Security measures were also added to the printer to protect the client.

As part of the new printing solution, Allegro:

  • Integrated a magnetic ink check printer with an older Unix-based distribution system.
  • Added ability to track revisions of bills of lading.

Through working with this customer, Allegro was able to improve printing processes for increased efficiency.