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Content Management Systems for Family Entertainment

Your site should be as exciting as the venue.

Start with a customized CMS.

Now, more than ever, a business that focuses on family entertainment needs a web presence.

With so many people using the web to search for things to do in their area, you simply must be searchable to compete in your industry. Allegro can create a unique website to showcase your business. We partner with you in the planning process to determine which CMS solution will best highlight your unique offerings. We can even create additional functionality that will allow you to engage with your site visitors even more. Let’s say you want to have a newsletter that let’s people know about special events or promotions. Or, maybe you want to have a user registration portal that will allow users to customize their visit to your location. We can handle that.

If you as the site owner needs to be able to update your information quickly and easily, Allegro can train you and your team to implement changes without the need for a developer. Save time and money with our help.

Client Success Story

A children’s farm in rural Virginia, needed a web presence to educate many families about the farm and entice them to physically visit. With limited resources and time, the farm’s owner needed a site that he could update and manage by himself, without having to hire an expensive full-time web developer. Considering these needs, Allegro’s Joomla programmers built a very customizable, yet easy-to-use Joomla website for the Farm. The resulting website is one that the owner can easily update news and events on. In fact, he doesn’t even have to learn HTML to edit content, etc. To ensure more people find the Farm on Google and other search engines, Allegro optimized the site’s content with the appropriate meta data. By having Allegro’s developers build a custom Joomla design template, the owner now has a site suitable for his audience (families) and with many Farm pictures to entice visitors. Overall, now the Farm’s owner can quickly spread details about the Farm and events to potential visitors via the website and newsletters created within the Joomla content management system. To promote his Farm, he can distribute the Farm’s website information to many online media publications and post details on event calendars.

Using Joomla as the Platform, Allegro was Able to:

  • Create a dynamic, rich website that was easily update with out the use of a developer.
  • Optimize the site to achieve more visibility.
  • Incorporated newsletter functionality.
  • Created a user portal to allow visitors to register on the site and set up profiles for preferences.