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ERP Migration and Upgrade Services

Optimal performance from your ERP is key.

Don’t wait for an emergency to make changes you need today.

You can get very busy running business as usual from day-to-day. 

Sometimes, things get pushed aside for you to “deal with later”.  Unfortunately, that happens a lot and you won’t even realize it until there is an emergency. 

When you are no longer receiving optimal performance from your ERP, rely on Allegro’s 20+ years of ERP experience to offer services such as upgrades or server migration.  Our knowledgeable team has the experience you will need for a successful system upgrade.  Don’t leave your most critical business system to chance with an inexperienced service provider.  You want to be assured of business and data continuity.

After all, upgrades and migrations are more than just downloading a new package and turning it “on”.  Allegro’s team of experts can draw from their years of experience understanding the ins and outs of many ERPs and will work with you and your team to develop a strategy that works for everyone.

Allegro’s ERP Migration Process

  • Gather input from key employees.
  • Analyze system including customizations to determine an appropriate migration strategy.
  • Execute the migration, considering any expected downtime of system.
  • Provide support to ensure that system is well-functioning following migration.

There are many scenarios that can affect your upgrade or migration.  Our experienced ERP staff will work with you to protect your investment and have a smooth transition with little to know downtime.