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WDS II Programming Expertise at Allegro

Rely on Allegro for WDS II Programming Support.

Expert WDS developers for over 25 years.

WDS-II was well tailored for distributors with order entry, purchasing, demand forecasting, picking, inventory, and accounting functions.

This vertical market package works so well that many warehouse and distribution companies are still using it today, decades after the last update. WDS-II uses the tried-and-true character user interface (green screens and dumb terminals), the ease-of-use and low cost-of-ownership of the Progress database, and the error-free-transactions of the Progress 4GL language to give distributors a powerful system that does not require a full time database administrator. When every penny saved is important, using Progress and keeping it running smoothly is a true competitive advantage in a market with narrow margins. Allegro can customize or integrate your WDS-II system, extend its functionality to the web, and keep your database running smoothly with no unexpected downtime.