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CRM Database Solutions for Technology Companies

No matter what business you are in, doing it well is key.

That key is a CRM.

Even technology companies sometimes need help with their own crm database software. Our expert team at Allegro can work with your team to understand your unique business needs – everything from streamlining business processed to standardizing customer data.Using a crm database application, you can strengthen your client/prospect relationships, understanding their attitudes and behaviors, and even adapt to their ever-changing needs. Stop relying on memory, disorganized spreadsheets, or simple emails when making important business decisions that impact the profitability of your business.

Allegro can customize crm database software that can assist technology companies with getting organized, while allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Client Success Story

An International Technology Company works with software companies to coordinate quality assurance, testing and user support offshore. They contacted Allegro to help solve their issue of parallel SugarCRM systems in different departments and offices around the globe which led to a lot of miscommunication among departments as well as data duplication and reduced organizational efficiencies. In addition, many errors were introduced in groups, leaving the team downstream in the sales cycle to merge data from other upstream departments with their own information.

To solve the errors and eliminate duplicate data records, the team at Allegro consulted with their team to better understand their business needs to create a customized solution. The Allegro team coordinated and moderated a series of meetings between offices in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and the call center in India. The purpose of facilitating the meetings was to discuss the responsibility of each department, the information they needed, the information they produced, and what was then passed on to the next group.

Once the interviews were conducted with each department and office, Allegro mapped out a custom SugarCRM database system to fix their broken business processes.

As a result of their new customized SugarCRM system, the international technology company was able to:

  • Revise their marketing and software support processes
  • Remove data and process redundancies.
  • Eliminate entire duplicate systems.
  • Streamline their overall sales process.

Through the use of a customized SugarCRM software solution, the Allegro team was able to change the way the international technology company conducted their day-to-day operations for the better, making processes for employees more efficient and improving bottom line performance.