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Content Management System Integration

Improve operations and efficiencies.

Integrate your CMS with critical business systems.

Improve your workflows and operations just by integrating your website with critical business applications. 

Be more efficient and productive by connecting your CMS with your sales and marketing (customer relationship management tool), web storefront, or ERP application.  Allegro can also connect your website with your core Progress-based packages, so your business stays efficient.  Our team of expert open source programmers extensive experience in integration, so we can deliver quick reliable answers to your questions. 

Integrate Your CMS With Allegro’s Support

  • Need your website tied into another application such as your web storefront or customer relationship management tool? Allegro’s CMS integration experts can integrate your applications, allowing you to be more efficient, as well as save time and resources.
  • You can streamline your operations and eliminate redundant data by connecting your core business applications including Progress-based packages or open-source ERP applications. By integrating these important applications, Allegro can help you better manage business processes.