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ERP Customization Services

Turning what you have into what you need.

We are experts in ERP customization.

Doing things “out of the box” can only take your business so far. 

good ERP software application will be flexible and customizable, but what happens when you reach the limit of what can be accomplished within the boundaries of the existing program code? Allegro has been working with clients in a wide range of industries to improve their ERP packages, tailor functionality to their vertical markets, and improve the quality and speed of their core business systems.

Our expert programmers can modify or tailor Progress-based applications such as Symix, SytelineMGF/PRO, WDS-II, EFI Hagen, SX Enterprise, and NxTrend. If we create efficiencies, you will experience increased profits.  Rely on our customization services to give your business an edge over the competition.

Customized ERP Systems Offer:

  • Flexibility to create a fully, custom solution made for your unique business processes.
  • The ability to increase business efficiencies by eliminating the need for multiple data entry points across departments.
  • Optimized business application integrations to get all systems and departments on the same page with inventory, pricing, and shipping data.
  • Increased productivity and profitability year-over-year by streamlining processes and systems in one, easy to use software solution.