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9800 JEB Stuart Pkwy, Suite 106 VA 23059, USA

About Allegro Consultants

Allegro is a professional services and software development firm headquartered in Glen Allen, Va. We provide expertise in many software-related areas, on demand and as needed by customers.

Since 1993, we have established a reputation for excellent customer service and high quality by providing the best advice and technical services to business and government.

Allegro is actively involved in our professional community, leading the Progress user groups for several states and sponsoring notable charities. We also participate in the development communities of osCommerce, SugarCRM and Joomla with a growing number of valuable modules donated to their respective user bases.

Our outstanding Progress and open-source programming and database staff are located at our customer sites or telecommuting from home. Many are certified in their own technical areas, and work with our excellent executive staff who provide leadership and direction.

The name Allegro was chosen when we were founded to represent our differentiation from other companies. Allegro is an Italian word meaning “brisk movement”, and we use it to refer to our ongoing effort to stay ahead of technology and the latest, cutting-edge methods. By learning how new languages, tools, and techniques work and discovering their limitations and uses, we are prepared when new business needs arise. We can quickly adapt and apply these new tools and techniques to provide the lowest cost, high productivity and longest lifespan of our automated solutions.