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Real Estate CRM Software Solutions

Real estate agents don’t just sit at a desk.

Neither should their CRM.

There are many people and processes involved in a single real estate transaction, from the buyer, seller, agents, lender, etc. Thus, the need for a customized real estate CRM solution is important to keep all stakeholders and departments informed.

Traditionally, the real estate process of buying and selling is a very time consuming process on both sides, as many processes are antiquated and paper heavy. Allegro’s team of experienced real estate CRM technicians can design a stream-lined software system using the SugarCRM platform to increase efficiency and reduce the need for paper-ridden business processes. Allegro has years of experience working with real estate companies like yours to reduce the need for highly complicated and cumbersome business processes during real estate buying and lending transactions. Our team has experience with analyzing your unique needs and translating those needs into a customized real estate crm system.

Client Success Story

Our client, a real estate lending company, saw the need for a customized real estate CRM system to streamline their business systems. They purchased a mortgage lending package from another vendor that was executed on the SugarCRM platform. However, this was one of that vendors first installations of the mortgage lending package on SugarCRM. After repeated failures and on-going support issues, the real estate lending company parted ways with the vendor.

They turned to Allegro to rescue their project and make what they had workable. However, due to the poor fit and large number of required changes to meet their unique needs, Allegro recommended starting over and building a customized platform from scratch.

As part of the customized real estate crm solution, Allegro was able to:

  • Provide integration with mortgage approval companies, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and all credit bureaus.
  • Connect with credit card payment processing.
  • Create a full iPad field agent solution, including product demo videos and a mortgage application walk through. The process was so detailed it replaced the need for a human underwriter to review the loan specifics.
  • Integrate with the call center to automatically log all incoming calls and route calls to assigned agents if available, otherwise to an agent licensed in the home state of the caller.

Once the new SugarCRM instance was up and running, Allegro was able to work with the client to add additional customizations as they continued to see the increasing value of the CRM software solution.