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Content Management Systems for Consulting Companies

Set your services apart from the rest.

A unique, dynamic website is a great place to start.

In today’s tough economy, consultants have a unique challenge in showcasing how they can provide value to potential customer.

The internet may be the first place that a potential customer looks for services that a consultant provides. Allegro can set your business apart from the rest by developing a unique, dynamic website that focuses on your strengths. Achieving your desired website goals requires partnering with an experienced team with technical and business knowledge, as well as an eye for great design.

With so many potential clients searching the web, our goal is to make sure prospects and customers find you. We design your content management system and implement meta data so your site appears highly in search engines such as Google. Our open source programmers not only have skills in PHP and MySQL, but also in website design and SEO (search engine optimization). We work with you to meet both your business and visitors’ needs. Our open source programming team can install, customize, and integrate your site with other critical business solutions.

Client Success Story

A  management and technology consulting company approached Allegro with the need for an updated, redesigned website.  The goal was to create an inviting, yet informative site that would showcase the company’s expertise and skill in consulting and project management.  By working together on the details from planning to implementation we were able to determine the ultimate goals and how to best reach them.  Allegro’s expert programmers were able to help this company effectively reach more people and allow for easier access to their site through mobile applications. 

Using Drupal as the platform, Allegro was able to:

  • Create a mobile version of the website.
  • Manage content to create fluidity of menus to articles.
  • Update and add new modules to improve functionality.