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DistOne and V2 Integrations

Create efficiencies and increase profits through system integration.

Distribution One integration for wholesalers and distributors

The ERP-ONE+, ERP-ONE, and V2 software packages are well-tailored business solutions for wholesalers and distributors.  Designed to run your entire business operation from order processing through general ledger activities, both are powerful enough to handle all of your distribution and manufacturing activities.While ERP-ONE+, ERP-ONE, and V2are easy-to-implement and flexible packages, your unique business needs may require a bit more from your Distribution One ERP installation.  Allegro has partnered with Distribution One to extend the functionality of your software to help manage every area of your business including eCommerce sites, customer relationship management systems, on-line marketplaces, and even business intelligence tools. Our team of experts can help you get the most out of your Distribution One ERP installation.

Expert Services for your Distribution One ERP Software:

Connect with Magento 

Connect your ERP-ONE+, ERP-ONE, or V2 installation with Magento, the premier eCommerce platform. Sell online easily by allowing your ERP data to handle all of the customer facing details such as customer account, pricing, order history, and much more. Let Allegro show you how to streamline business processes and increase profits with OneSource ERP, your Distribution One integrated ecommerce solution.

Integrate with Business Intelligence Tools

When you need to analyze productivity, you want to know that statistics are readily available and don’t require time consuming processes to create reports. Our expert staff take the hassle out of retrieving data from your ERP-ONE+, ERP-ONE, and V2 system, allowing you to efficiently monitor and manage operations.

 Connect with Your CRM Gain the advantage of being able to view your customers from both a marketing perspective and from the vantage point of their financial transactions. Provide your employees with insight across your entire organization with Allegro’s support.