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Manufacturing CRM Software Solutions

Manufacturing companies each have unique and complex business challenges, as there are many different departments and processes involved with a single transaction.

During the process of manufacturing, every department has an impact on the final delivery of products to customers, thus increasing the need for all departments to have access to the same information.  In manufacturing, the need for integrated business systems is important for all departments to complete tasks seamlessly by pulling from the same information. Client management software solutions allow staff in all departments to reduce time necessary to complete tasks and increase overall organizational efficiency.

No one understands the need for increased efficiency and reduced time to complete tasks quite like manufacturers, as every minute that can be taken off the time to produce items equals money saved, which means money earned. That’s where an investment in a client management software solution can provide a positive impact to the bottom line and give management the necessary insights into production.

Client Success Story

A manufacturer of unique robotic solutions, came to Allegro Consultants with the desire to get SugarCRM, however, they thought their unique business processes would not be compatible with a client management software solution. The issue for this manufacturer was that every sale involved multiple quotes, each with numerous technical documents and drawings. In addition, management did not have any insights into the overall profitability of the current quoting process or the ability to track jobs from quote to completion.

As part of the client management software solution, Allegro:

  • Customized the client quoting process to automatically link the technical specifications and manufacturing documents.
  • Added ability to track labor and materials cost inside the sales system.

Through working with this manufacturer, Allegro was able to improve management insights into the profitability of quotes, as well as improved job tracking.