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Giving you a powerful advantage through software integration and support

ERP Services

The most comprehensive set of expert Enterprise Resource Planning services to be found.

Ecommerce Software Services

Numerous services to program, implement, customize and troubleshoot your ecommerce software solution

CMS Services

Web development, customization, and migration services to meet the needs of today's online consumer.

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CRM Services

Improve your operational efficiency by streamlining your data collection and reporting with a customer management software solution.

DBA and Support Services

 Professional administration and monitoring of your critical information systems and databases is safest way to ensure no problems arise.

Digital Marketing Services

Management of digital marketing efforts can be time intensive and require a steep learning curve.  We professionally manage your digital campaigns and SEO.

Why Choose Professional Developers?

As a professional enterprise resource planning, e-commerce, and integration firm, Allegro Consultants has been serving businesses in all vertical markets since 1993. Though our technical services are expansive, our main focus is on the integration and customization of existing systems often built upon software such as OpenEdge and Magento. From ERP migration to CRM programming, Allegro is the knowledgeable and experienced firm you can trust with all of your IT needs.


Our extensive knowledge stretches from ERP packages and e-commerce solutions to state-of-the-art encryption and custom programming. Any IT support you may need, Allegro has the expertise to help.


Some of our most notable experiences with complex technologies include:

  • Developing one of the first secure online mortgage application services utilizing e-signing processes. 
  • The transfer, storage and reporting of data protected and regulated by HIPPA, IVES Electronic Signature and Sarbanes Oxley among others.  
  •  Standardizing GSA Schedules ensuring a streamlined sales process for government agencies.

Allegro is known for its innovative products, such as OneSource ERP. Our ERP integrated e-commerce solutions are aimed at helping manufacturers and distributors easily sell on the web building upon premier e-commerce solutions, like Magento. What customers thought was possible is exceeded with our innovation.


By offering superior growth opportunities, insight to new technology, and support on all sides of the industry, Allegro has become a well-known and trusted resource. We are ready and available to lead you and your team to success with our excellent customer service and straight-forward advice.


Selling on the Web Doesn't Have to Be Hard.

Streamline your vital business processes by using OneSource ERP to enable the flow of data between your Magento site and ERP.  OneSource ERP supports Distribution One’s ERP-ONE+, ERP-ONE, and V2 as well as Syteline, QAD, Titan and more


Charlene B.
VP of Operations

“Allegro is an invaluable asset to our organization.  We appreciate how they quickly prioritize the problems we are having and the timely manner in which they are resolved.  Allegro is always doing what they can to keep us functioning at the highest level possible and the quality of their work is to be  highly commended.”

Keith P.
Financial Management and Comptroller

“Throughout the Travel Reengineering effort, Allegro has provided top-notch professionals to help us blaze the trail.”

Tom R.

“We are very happy with Allegro’s services. We are able to function without a dedicated I.T. person on our staff who would be overworked and, at times, underutilized.  By Allegro having an entire I.T. staff, you can have the right person involved that needs to be,  It’s been terrific.”

Tracy H.
Marketing Manager

“In moving from our old e-Commerce software to a new Magento solution implemented by Allegro, we were able to achieve a 124% increase in the rate of conversions with a 400% increase in the value of our conversions overall.”

Anthony D.
Director of Operations

“I have 100% confidence in you guys and I’m glad we have this partnership. Robert was very happy to see how fast we implemented his requests so that was huge!”

Bernie B.
eCommerce Manager

“Thank you again for taking the time yesterday. It’s really a nice change to work with someone on our new website who gets things done quickly.”

Diane C.
Technical Consultant

“Please tell Allegro it is PERFECT! Thank you for remembering the memo fields and to size the text fields appropriately to length!!!!!”

Kendall M.

“Allegro Consultants were wonderful to work with! They took the time to listen to my ideas and then implemented the requests onto my website without a lot of work from me. They were very responsive to changes and adjustments as necessary for my site. I was impressed that they over delivered by building in functions on my website to allow my company to grow.”

Lori M.
Office Manager

“We have been getting very good feedback on the website. A few dealers have called to say they love it. Thanks.”

Diane C.
Vice President

“The conversion effort from Progress to Sybase at first seemed daunting, but it is made relatively easy with Allegro’s expertise. Allegro’s programmers always deliver accurately and efficiently. I have enjoyed working with Allegro’s programming staff over the years – they are extremely knowledgeable and always deliver with a smile. It is a pleasure to work with Allegro’s staff on both a technical level, and on a professional end-user level.”

Larry W.

“I would recommend Allegro. They have worked with a few of our customers with great success!”

Dave A.
Operations Manager

“The Allegro team is a critical member of the DTS Team and have made significant contributions. They are a pleasure to work with. They can be counted on day or night to get the job done.”

Greg K.
VP, Director of Operations

“Allegro’s work is first class, often including features we may not have initially thought of but which add genuine user value and aid in user productivity.”

Greg K.
Director of Operations

“Allegro is exceptionally professional in both their work and the way they handle our account. They are responsive to our ever-changing needs and priorities and demonstrate a commanding grasp of both our systems and an expansive knowledge of our business practices and procedures. In short, they are an invaluable part of the extended EURPAC family.”

Tom R.

“We are very happy with Allegro services. Because of your AP support services, we are able to function without a dedicated I.T. person on our staff who would be overworked and, at times, underutilized. By Allegro having an entire I.T. staff, you can have the right person involved that needs to be. It’s been terrific.”

Dave B.

“Allegro has helped restore my website when all my data was somehow erased. At the time I had not backed it up, but they had restored everything in a couple of hours. Could not have asked for anything more.”

Jessie G.
Sr. VP of Retail

“While I am sure there is much work in the days to come, we have achieved a huge feat this evening in a short period of time. The Allegro team has been with us every step of the way – a true partnership. Thank you for all the hard work. You guys have showed your true colors. Let’s get some sleep. Onwards & Congrats!

John C.
IT Director

“I knew what I wanted from a very high-level, but Allegro brought things to the table such as how to replicate between the two VMware [utilities] and recommend the use of Double-Take. I brought to Jim [Allegro’s support manager] this idea that I wanted conceptually. Allegro was able to grasp hold and get it done.”

Mike W.

“Just wanted to reach out and say “wow!” Initial feedback from the users is that [our system] is much quicker. I have received a lot of great feedback in this short of a time frame. Just wanted to let you know your [Kevin’s] efforts have been noticed.”

Steven N.
Principal Systems Architect

“I just wanted to take a second, and give Jim R. some Kudos.  He solved a problem which progress Tech Support could not solve.  He put it together, and made it happen.  This was beyond just the network or windows itself.  This was a settings issue inside the SQL Studio product.  He figured out the issue, and was able to get things working.”