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Content Management System Training

We help you.

To help yourself.

Learning how to manage your new CMS doesn’t have to be daunting.

Allegro’s experienced open source trainers can show you the ropes and get you productive using your content management system without the painful trial and error.  Allegro brings years of experience with implementing highly unique websites to deliver excellent training.

Customize Your CMS Management Training with Allegro.

Remote or On-Site Training

For ground up CMS training, some times multi-day long training sessions away from the office are needed. However, how often can you afford to lose that much time? Let Allegro’s opensource programmers deliver you onsite, in-depth CMS instruction using your own systems. We can also deliver short, focused 1-4 hour CMS training sessions delivered remotely for effective use of your precious time and money.

One-on-One Training and Mentoring

“Generic” training works best on “generic” companies. Let Allegro work with you to tailor individual CMS training and mentoring sessions. Employees learn better when they are using their own systems and data, and immediately applying their training to real-world situations from their own work.