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ERP Solutions for the Distribution Industry

Getting your product where it needs to go.

Easier, faster and more cost efficiently.

Distribution companies rely on efficiencies for increased profits.  Restocking needs to occur quickly after a shipment has left the building especially when stores across the globe are counting on their inventory.

No one understands the need for increased efficiency and reduced time to complete tasks quite like distributors, as every minute that can be taken off the time to prepare shipments and restock shelves equals money saved, which means money earned. That’s where an investment in a customized WDS II solution can provide a positive impact to the bottom line.

Client Success Story

Allegro’s client, a distributor of DVDs, wanted to “get more” from their own store locations across the globe.  The company came to Allegro to add on to their WDS II system to “make it smarter” at refilling their shelves. Allegro designed, developed, and implemented an add-on system.  Using auto replenish algorithms, Allegro was able to help their client calculate sales to manage inventory levels at stores and their distribution warehouse.  Returns were cut by over half within the first six months and the increase in sales paid for the project within three months. They were also able to lower overall inventory significantly, resulting in even further savings.

  • As part of the new Progress auto replenish solution, Allegro:
  • Customized distribution planning process to calculate sales and manage inventory levels across distribution center and store locations.
  • Added the ability to increase profits and cost savings by decreasing inventory and returns.

Through working with this distributor, Allegro was able to improve insights into the planning of inventory for increased efficiency.