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Content Management System Solutions for Logistics

Your CMS is just as important as other critical business systems.

Create a seamless conversation between them.

The logistics business can pose a unique set of criteria when determining what type of CMS to use and how to best integrate it with other critical system to create efficiencies.

Allegro specializes in this type of complex website development. We have extensive experience with back end integrations and complex reporting needs.  Do you want you front facing website to have a customer or employee portal?  What about integration with outside vendors? Don’t forget customized reporting so you can analyze data? We can do that!

You can turn to Allegro to help reduce the time it takes to complete tasks and increase your operating efficiencies. We partner with our clients to plan, implement and integrate even the most unique business websites. 

Client Success Story

A world-wide logistics company came to Allegro with the need to perform background checks and performance reviews on their intranet site. This would help them eliminate costly resources needed to perform these processes manually. Also, the element of dealing with highly sensitive material made this task complicated. Allegro was able to create a secure portal that would allow entry to only registered users.  These specified users could then perform and store performance review and background data online.  The data was then easily retrievable for future reference.  The result is a highly successful human resources tool that allows for maximum efficiency when performing these tasks.

Using Joomla as the platform, Allegro was able to:

  • Create custom account portal allowing registered users to perform human resources duties efficiently.
  • Integrate the Joomla site with background check applications.
  • Automate the process of performance reviews and background checks by creating web forms.