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Content Management System Solutions for Technology Companies

We understand a technology company’s needs.

We have them too.

Even technology companies need assistance sometimes. Our expert programmers know exactly what type of unique needs you have since we, here at Allegro, have them too.

We can work with your team to determine what CMS solution works best for your type of business. Using a Content Management System to can give your business a new level of exposure. We can optimize your site to get you in the top search results on Google. You can let the web do the work for you. If you are using a CRM to manage client contacts, let Allegro show you how an integration with your CMS can streamline the lead capturing process and automate responses to your new prospects.

Allegro can customize a CMS solution that will help you get noticed while you focus on your business.

Client Success Story

A leading technology services company received a lot of its contacts through its Joomla website. The information was emailed to the sales manager who assigned it to a sales representative who would then enter the information into its SugarCRM system for handling. Allegro was able to quickly get this information to go directly into the client’s CRM and automatically assigned to a rolling list of sales reps. In addition, a personalized response letter was automatically generated to the prospect and the initial call from the sales rep was scheduled.

Using Joomla as the platform, Allegro was able to:

  • Integrate Joomla with the customers CRM.
  • Create lead forms to capture customer data.
  • Create workflows that would send an automated response to the prospect as soon as their data was catured in the Joomla site.