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Leadership Profiles

Meet the experienced leaders behind Allegro’s technical staff.

Allegro consists of a staff of more than 30 technical professionals: experts in their own areas of programming, administration and project management.

Relying on one another as experts in each person’s domain, every one of our staff has tremendous resources to answer even the toughest questions and provide industry-leading responsiveness.

Michael Lonski, President

A founding member of Allegro, Mike Lonski has built his 4GL programming expertise in Progress since 1986. Starting in Progress version 3.2, Mike has successfully completed projects in locations ranging from the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol Building to manufacturing shops all over the North American continent. Mike is an internationally known speaker on Progress RDBMS topics and author of Coding Smart, the Progress ADM2 book. His forte is in interfacing between real-world user requirements and technically-oriented solutions. Mike has taught, mentored and presented on Progress topics, small project estimation, and UI design on five continents.

Mike also applies his technical and executive skills towards open-source applications. He is a skilled implementer, trainer, and process manager for SugarCRM application software and technical editor for the recently published edition of SugarCRM for Dummies.


System design, architecture and integration, ADM2, teaching/mentoring on all aspects of Progress, UI design, SugarCRM process design, project and process management in Progress, Open Source (LAMP) and other technologies

Matt Stone, Vice President

Matt Stone is responsible for most of our operating system, database and security administration efforts. He has spent the past 29 years helping Allegro and clients alike troubleshoot problems, maintain high performance databases, as well as prevent intruders from putting critical systems at risk. Matt is an expert at database and OS performance tuning under Windows server and Unix environments, and is an IBM Certified Specialist for P-series. He leads our team of ERP programmers with his many years of experience in SX.e, WDSII, and MFG/Pro. Most recently, Matt has been helping clients realize great efficiencies and increased profits by integrating these systems with eCommerce applications. Leading the charge in data conversion, disaster recovery, beta testing, ActiveX, .Net and Magento efforts, Matt is credited with maintaining some of Allegro’s longest, most successful client relationships.