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Allegro can connect your Syteline ERP with other business applications such as your web storefront, website, or customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Let our experienced Progress and open-source experts integrate your systems so your business can run more efficiently, therefore more profitably. 

Careful consideration of your unique business needs, we can deliver you a reliable, carefully designed system and offer complete support.

Integrate your Syteline ERP with Magento e-commerce 

OneSource ERP is the premier connector between the industry leading e-commerce framework Magento and the most widely used ERP solutions for wholesalers and distributors. Streamline your vital business processes by using OneSource ERP to enable the flow of data between your Magento site and Syteline.  OneSource ERP supports Syteline, Distribution One’s ERP-ONE+, ERP-ONE, and V2 as well as WDS, QAD, Titan and more.  This connector will allow product information, pricing, customer data, and inventory levels to move seamlessly between Magento and your ERP. 

Also, you can take advantage of enhanced functionality by using off the shelf Magento modules and Allegro’s OneSource ERP extensions.  Made to further enhance the already full featured Ultimate edition, these add-ons create even more opportunity for selling, integration, and analytics.  For a complete list of the extensions available, visit our OneSource ERP extensions page