Symix/Syteline Database Maintenance, Tuning and Support

Both the Symix and Syteline packages are well tailored for manufacturers covering planning, production, inventory, purchasing, accounting, distribution and more.

These vertical market packages work so well that many companies in both discrete and process manufacturing continue to use them, updating as necessary. The ease-of-use and low cost-of-ownership of the Progress database, and the error-free-transactions of the Progress 4GL language to give manufacturers a powerful system that does not require a full time database administrator. When every penny saved is important, using Progress and keeping it running smoothly is a true competitive advantage in a market with narrow margins.

Allegro can tailor your system, extend its functionality to the web, and keep your database running smoothly with no unexpected downtime.  Our team can also deliver professional  programmers for projects, as well as, training for your own staff.

  • Expert Symix/Syteline Programming

    Once in a while you need an extra Syteline programmer to get through an intense project, a critical employee's vacation or maternity leave, or just hold you over until a replacement can be found.

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  • Database Maintenance Services for Symix/Syteline

    Your warehouse, from receiving to shipping, relies on your Syteline application and its underlying Progress database.

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  • Customized Reports for Symix/Syteline

    You rely on Symix or Syteline for customer data, orders, inventory and much more. When standard reports aren't enough, you need custom reports or the ability to get your data out of Symix or Syteline an into another tool or database.

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  • Syteline Integration

    Allegro can connect your Syteline ERP with other business applications such as your web storefront, website, or customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Let our experienced Progress and open-source experts integrate your systems so your business can run more efficiently, therefore more profitably. 

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