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Magento 2 Tuning Services


Saving your customers time.

Saving you money.

Is your Magento slow?  Magento can be very resource intensive.  All of the great features that make it the best choice for ecommerce software are also the things that can slow it down.

If you are experiencing less than optimal performance from your Magento, Allegro has the solution.  Our Magento tuning package will address all critical areas that are affecting your site: server, network, and browser settings.  We will assess and tune each of these to deliver the best online experience possible for your customers.  And, our speed tests prior to and following the tuning services will show you just how much better your site is performing for your customers.

Allegro’s Magento Tuning Package Includes:

  • MySQL tuning
  • PHP tuning
  • Web Server tuning
  • Image Optimization
  • Cache tuning
  • Speed testing

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