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Coding Smart – ADM2 Handbook

Step beyond the classroom and into the real world. Coding Smart is the only ADM2 “how-to” book available. Now containing more than 300 pages of explanations and examples including the latest changes in OpenEdge 10.

From the basics of understanding how SmartObjects work to instructions for accomplishing ADM2 class changes or adding properties to “how-to’s” on specific tasks in putting together a real application, this book is useful for anyone working with SmartObjects. The Dynamics framework is built heavily upon the ADM2 architecture and its users will also benefit.


Get your copy of Coding Smart, the only ADM2 “how-to” book available. Now available in multiple formats to suit your specific needs.

Coding Smart

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Progress ADM2 But Were Afraid to Ask

3rd Edition OpenEdge 10 Update