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OneSource ERP

Tools for programmers, by programmers.

OneSource ERP is the premier connector between the industry leading e-commerce framework Magento and the most widely used ERP solutions for wholesalers and distributors

Streamline your vital business processes by using OneSource ERP to enable the flow of data between your Magento site and ERP.  OneSource ERP supports Distribution One’s ERP-ONE+, ERP-ONE, and V2 as well as Syteline, QAD, Titan and more.  This connector will allow product information, pricing, customer data, and inventory levels to move seamlessly between Magento and your ERP. 

Why OneSource ERP?

  • Other solutions require duplicate entry or an API to make a call from the eCommerce website to the ERP for data such as pricing and inventory. Because ERP pricing can be complex, this results in a delay in the data being displayed when a customer visits the product page. OneSource ERP offers instant pricing and inventory display giving your customers an optimal user experience.
  • When your eCommerce integration solution relies on an API to transfer data, issues to your backend ERP will bring down your eCommerce website as well. When your website experiences down time, it means lost profits for your business. With OneSource ERP, you experience no downtime due to issues. Your eCommerce orders will be stored until your server is back up and running at which time all of the data will be pushed to your ERP for processing.
  • OneSource ERP allows Allegro to access ERP data quickly and easily. With a dedicated team of programmers at the ready, we can offer swift response times to your requests and have your website displaying the data you need promptly.

Also, you can take advantage of enhanced functionality by using off the shelf Magento modules and Allegro’s OneSource ERP extensions.  Made to further enhance the already full-featured product, these add-ons create even more opportunity for selling, integration, and analytics. 

For a complete list of the extensions available, visit our OneSource ERP extensions page.