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OneSource ERP Extensions

Get more from your OneSource ERP implementation with these extensions!  Made to enhance your web store, these add-ons create even more opportunity for selling, integration, and analytics.  

We all know that the easier your website is to use, the more likely that your customers will use it.  With options like quick order and purchase history with reorder, your customers will have no problem making repeat purchases.  And you as a business owner or manager can make easier work of marketing with functionality such as featured products and ultimate marketing sliders.   

If you are not currently a OneSource ERP customer, contact Allegro to hear about how we can help you sell on the web easily.

Increase Magento’s normal search capabilities by providing advanced search. Customers will be able to easily and quickly search based on category, product attributes, terms in the product descriptions, and more.  

This extension integrates your e-commerce information with the leading Amazon storefront and allows for simple management of product listings with automated synchronization of stock levels, pricing, and item details. 

OneSource supports the normal ERP pricing functionality that gives you the ability to provide quantity-based price breaks. The assortments extension expands upon this by allowing you to define groups in your ERP where the combined quantity of all items in any assortment group is used to provide quantity price breaks for all the items in that group.

The complex shipping customization adds shipping rules to support multiple warehouses and charge delivery rates from each warehouse origin. Break customer orders down by product group. The extension supports scenarios such as placing an order that has products shipping separately or from different locations. This type of order can become two separate orders in the ERP yet allow the customer to pay for them together.

If you sell multiple products that only differ in size, color or some other characteristic, you need the Configurable Products extension. This module will allow you to display a single product to the customer and then let them select the particular attributes that differentiate between variations to get exactly what they need.

Set up coupons to support promotions, encourage new customers, reward repeat customers, and more. This module allows the setup of a variety of coupons and discounts for your customers.

The POS data feed extension allows for order entry outside of your e-commerce website. For OneSource clients that have brick and mortar stores, you can have your catalog and inventory information available in your POS system and upload orders back to your ERP through your e-commerce storefront.

The Featured Products extension allows you to highlight items on your homepage and grab the attention of your customers.  Whether you choose best sellers or clearance items, help move more product by placing them front and center of your website.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for managing your web presence. This service can help you keep your site tuned for optimal reporting. A few of the features we will optimize are eCommerce tracking, ghost spam filters, and custom views.

This extension will give you the ability to restrict the purchase of specific items to specific customers.

 Current credit balance will be pulled from the ERP and presented as an option during checkout for payment terms. This extension also adds a “Store Credit” feature in “My Accounts” that allows the logged in customer to see current credit balance as well as past credit usage.

Normally, the OneSource end user either manages their password completely on their own or it is managed for them through the ERP. With this customization, gain the best of both worlds. Update your ERP each time a user changes their login password.

Allegro works with a 3rd party to provide punch out integration with Magento and coordinate appropriate server access for 3rd party provider.

Go beyond the ability to review past orders and invoices with Purchase History. This customization provides your customers with the ability to see all items purchased in the past month, year, or more; along with details. The customer can then easily add desired items to their current shopping cart.

For B2B customers or those that know your part numbers, Quick Order provides an easy method to rapidly enter a new order. Customers can easily enter part numbers with a helpful auto-fill capability to ensure accuracy, review the price, and indicated the desired quantity. Taking new orders in seconds will help turn good customers into great customers.

This extension allows salesmen or managers to log in and place orders as any given customer. Whether needed for regional managers to watch over their sales teams or for sales people to assist clients in their territory, this customization will give managers oversite into the orders of those under their responsibility. The advanced version offers even more oversight features such as the ability for reports across customers.

Allow your customers to save their carts instantly using our one-click save feature giving them future access to the products they are most interested in.  

The Store Locator extension allows customers to easily find the nearest retail location or dealer right from your website. Whether they are your own brick-and-mortar stores or the locations of retailers that carry your products, help your customers find you quickly and easily.

Your customers will have the ability to create additional accounts and control their access to order history, invoices, and prices.  Sub accounts are restricted from placing orders.

This extension takes your e-commerce marketing beyond the typical slider. Have even more impact with multiple sliders and sidebars with promotional images. Using spreadsheets, you can manage your own product lists to include in specific promotions.

then be used to drive the upsell, cross sell, or related items features of your e-commerce site.

Offers your customers the ability to see unpaid invoices and choose which ones to pay via ACH or credit card.

Existing quotes in the ERP can be retrieved and are able to be added to a shopping cart for additional adjustments prior to purchase.