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E-Commerce Solutions for Lifestyle Products

When the product is fresh, it must be on-time; every time.

Integrate your webstore with an ERP.

When it comes to selling food and health products on the web, there are two goals that are imperative to success. One, is to have customers “taste” with their eyes; to want to purchase solely based on how the product looks. The other is to be sure that the product looks as fresh and appetizing upon arrival as it did in the images on your ecommerce website.

In this growing industry, you need to set yourself apart from the competition with a site that allows you to reach these goals.  Allegro’s expert certified opensource programmers will work with you on a plan for your web store. Together, we can come up with everything from layout to color schemes to images. 

Do you ship fresh products daily?  Making sure these items arrive fresh and ready to eat can be a full time job!  Let Allegro integrate your ecommerce website with an ERP.  Manage everything from inventory to customer ordering to shipping in one place. You can also keep track of customer data making it easier for them to re-order.

Client Success Story

A start-up boutique lifestyle products company came to Allegro with the need for a website. This company’s products caused the client to require a completely custom website with many integrations. The unique needs of this client were based upon sales and delivery of perishable foods. Not only was there a need for a very pleasing aesthetic, but tightly integrated functions controlling orders, inventory and shipping control. They turned to Allegro for our expertise in Magento design and integration.

Allegro was able to:

  • Provide integration with a custom ERP, allowing for total product inventory, order processing and shipping control.
  • Create a fresh, modern look to the website with product catalog.
  • Create an events applications for control of in-store event including, reservations and promotional offers.

The client has been so satisfied with the capabilities of Allegro’s staff that the relationship has continued on. Additions and improvements are constantly in the works, and the client is seeing increasing value from their web solution.