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E-Commerce Solutions for B2B Sales

Sell more, better.

Increase efficiency and order volume with a custom ecommerce solution.

Business to business sales offer challenges that typical retailers do not face. Often times there are ERP systems, complex pricing structures, and special shipping circumstances that need to be taken into account. Allegro understands the needs of the business to business seller, such as manufacturers and distributors.

When creating a website for this type of seller, it may seem complex, but Allegro specializes in just this type of project. With many of our clients being B2B, we have extensive experience with back end integrations and complex reporting needs.  One web order can set off a series of events that run through many departments of a manufacturer or distributor.  To ensure smooth and efficient processes Allegro can integrate your site with an ERP, accounting software, and shipping providers to name a few.

Turn to Allegro to help reduce the time it takes to complete tasks and increase operating efficiencies and profits.

Client Success Story

The website of one of the world’s largest stocking distributors of Eurotherm Controls needed to be completely overhauled. They had tried an off-the-shelf web solution but were not able to get what they needed from it. Because they are a distributor, they needed extensive integration with manufacturer websites and the ability to order online. As well as integrations that allowed them to manage their products on the back-end.

Allegro was able to solve the problems of this distributor using a Magento solution.

  • Create an online product catalog of their configurable products that allowed customers to view and purchase products easily.
  • Integrate with WDS and Progress back-end allowing for tighter inventory control as well as more accurate reporting.
  • Integrate with manufacturer websites allowing this client to display products that distribute, but are still under the control of the manufacturer.

With their new web solution, our client has been pleased with the ability to display products directly from manufacturer websites and offering an easy purchasing process.