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E-Commerce Training for Immediate Results

Manage your website.

Not additional staff.

Your ecommerce software implementation can seem a bit confusing at first. Managing online sales could be a totally new concept for you. Purchasing and implementing a new software program is just the beginning – proper website training is the key to ensuring a successful transition to online sales.

Currently, the problem with training for most companies is that it’s an afterthought of the software implementation process. Most companies don’t train correctly, enough or even at all. At Allegro we want you to have every advantage of getting the most out of your implementation.

After years of experience implementing customized ecommerce solutions for clients across many industries, Allegro knows the vital training that is needed to protect management’s investment the software.

See What Allegro’s Experienced OpenSource Staff Can Offer You:

Remote or On-Site Training

  • At Allegro, we understand that your time, and the time of your staff, is valuable. Let our team of experts deliver in-depth training to your website managers and staff, at your office. In addition, we can also deliver short, focused 1-4 hour training sessions delivered remotely for effective use of your time and budget.

Project Team Training

  • Extensive hands-on training for the ecommerce site project team, to ensure those responsible for the ecommerce site launch are well versed in the system to handle front-end user issues.

Fortunately, you do not need to suffer through the learning curve of implementing an ecommerce solution alone. Allegro’s qualified ecommerce training team will work with you to get your new website up and running in no time, increasing productivity without the painful experience of trial and error.