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DDI System: Software for Distributors

Customize and Enrich your E-Commerce Platform With Allegro Consultants

Enriching your data beyond the ERP can be time consuming and tedious.The DDI System and Inform ERP gives you the power to customize and integrate for your unique manufacturing and distribution business, and Allegro has the expertise to help further enrich your data and platform when you need help working with a new system.

Advantive, known for their mission-critical software for distribution and manufacturing, now owns and offers DDI System and Inform ERP, a leading ERP and E-Commerce software. Specific to the day to day operations of wholesale distribution, this system has the capability to manage supply chain integration, deliver advanced automation and productivity, and help streamline workflow, leading to significant savings in time and money for your business.

While the ecommerce solution for the Inform ERP gives you the tools for enriching your product data, the actual implementation is left to you. The ecommerce store platform itself has a built-in initial level of customization, allowing businesses to tailor colors and graphics but what is available for those that want more and you are looking for assistance with the details. Allegro can help streamline production and improve customer relationships, tailoring your e-commerce site to make a more unique and customized platform with this Advantive system. We can customize the behavior, look, and data of your e-commerce site to match your specific business needs, and provide professionalism and proficiency for your customers.

Trust Allegro Consultants to provide you with not only the best solution, but the best service. We have decades of experience in tailoring websites to better fit our clients’ needs and better assist their customers.

Want to learn more about how to take the DDI System’s ecommerce implementation to the next level? Contact us today to enhance your e-commerce experience.