Monitoring your Progress, open-source, or other mission critical servers means your business will be prepared for potential disaster and often allows you to proactively prevent issues before they become severe.

This could impact whether your business is down for a few hours or a few weeks, and could really influence your business' survival. Without efficient, managed IT services including full coverage server monitoring tools; you could lose thousands or even your entire business when disaster strikes.

In addition to server monitoring, Allegro can proactively watch other critical systems such as Microsoft Exchange servers or Lotus Notes servers, but your mission critical systems are more than just the applications and databases. Allegro will also monitor various aspects of the hardware and operating system, from system temperatures to resource utilization and more.

You don't need to hire a full-time DBA or systems administrator to monitor your servers. Allegro’s database administrators can do this for you remotely from our Richmond, VA headquarters. Also, as part of our support plans, our team can also set up ProDashboard, the Nagios plug-ins we built and use ourselves to ensure Progress databases and systems are running smoothly.

Why Monitor Your Systems with ProDashboard?

  • Eliminate the need to hire full-time database administrator – Allegro can monitor your systems and servers or install ProDashboard to do this for you.
  • Prevent database crashes before they even occur. Using Allegro's monitoring tool, ProDashboard, you can be alerted of a potential disaster via email or text message. You can spend less time watching your server and discover problems before they happen, since ProDashboard tells you when there is a problem.

Our Progress programmers can monitor your Progress-based applications such as Symix, SyteLine, MFGPRO, WDS-II, EFI Hagen, SX Enterprise and NxTrend. Also, our open-source team can monitor your MySQL and Postgres databases, the engines behind applications such as xTuple, osCommerce, Joomla, and SugarCRM.


     Prevent Database Crashes with ProDashboard

    Be sure your database or system doesn't crash. Allegro can install and configure our
    monitoring tool, ProDashboard, which is a set of Nagios plug-ins.



      Don't Hire a Full-Time DBA, Let Allegro Monitor Your Systems

     To monitor  your systems or database, you don't have to hire an additional full-time resource.
     Instead, you can conveniently turn to Allegro's experts for server monitoring services.


Man with cell phoneDon't let issues derail your business operations.

Stay on track with Allegro's monitoring services.