Allegro specializes in the technologies underneath today's business software.  When the system you count on fails or needs to be tailored to how you do business, Allegro's expert programmers and database administrators can help.  Once you have worked with is and found we really care about customer service, you'll want to continue relying on us for support. We offer on-demand and annual support contracts to keep your critical systems working.

  • Programming

    Doing things "out of the box" can only take your business so far.  A good software application will be flexible and customizable, but what happens when you reach the limit of what can be accomplished within the boundaries of the existing program code?

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  • Monitoring

    Monitoring your Progress, open-source, or other mission critical servers means your business will be prepared for potential disaster and often allows you to proactively prevent issues before they become severe.

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  • Database Administration

    You, like many other companies, rely upon information systems for the core part of your business. Whether it is for tracking orders, monitoring your shop floor, or handling payroll (just to name a few possibilities), these systems are critical to uninterrupted business.

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  • Support

    Allegro offers support for many software applications, databases and server operating systems with direct access to experienced I.T. experts, on-site or remote.

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