NxTrend System Support

The NxTrend package is a software system designed for facilitating warehouse logistics, customer service, sales, order processing, inventory management and strategic business analysis.  

This package works so well that many warehouse and distribution companies are still using it today across many vertical markets. Infor now calls this package "Distribution Essentials." NxTrend employs an easy user interface, the ease-of-use and low cost-of-ownership of the Progress database, and the error-free-transactions of the Progress 4GL language to give distributors a powerful system that does not require a full time database administrator. When every penny saved is important, using Progress and keeping it running smoothly is a true competitive advantage in a market with narrow margins.

Allegro can customize or integrate NxTrend, extend its functionality to the web, and keep your database running smoothly with no unexpected downtime.

Allegro's Support for NxTrend includes:

 Support and Recovery

Allegro delivers the support you cannot find anywhere else and we answer your Prgoress database, Unix, and network questions. We provide the Progress-savvy troubleshooting, backup and recovery, and maintenance to solve problems and keep your system running with no surprise downtime.

 Database Maintenance

Our staff takes the hassle out of dump-and-load, tune NxTrend to go faster and perform a health check.

Migrate and Upgrade

Allegro can help you select the right server, plan for a smooth migration and take care of all the difficult details when moving to more powerful hardware, upgrading Windows or migrating to Linux or VMWare.


When you need another screen to get just the right information all in one place, when you need a little more functionality added to your system or when you need additional reports that do not exist in the current system, Allegro can customize and extend NxTrend to meet your exact needs.