Expert Support and Recovery Services

Allegro offers full support for software applications, databases and server operating systems with direct access to experienced I.T. experts, on-site or remote.

Our full range of managed services, network security support and data backup and recovery plans have got your covered.

How we help:

  •     On-demand, 24x7 
  •     Proactive monitoring
  •     After hours and weekend support
  •     Quick emergency response times
  •     Bundled services
  •     Discounted rates for unexpected needs outside the support plan

What we cover:

  •     Monitoring services
  •     Managed DB administration
  •     Administration needs for both SugarCRM (LAMP) and Progress systems.
  •     Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012.
  •     HP-UX and AIX
  •     Sun Solaris
  •     SCO UnixWare, OpenServer, Unix, Xenix
  •     Linux (Red Hat, SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.)

Programming and Development Support

  •     Progress 4GL, OpenEdge 4GL
  •     PHP, JavaScript and AJAX
  •     Java
  •     Microsoft .Net, Visual BASIC, C#, C, C++

Database Administration and Performance Tuning

  •     Progress / OpenEdge databases (including after-imaging and replication)
  •     PostgreSQL
  •     Oracle
  •     Microsoft SQL Server
  •     MySQL


Man in suit with teamWe've got your back, and your backups.

We're there when it counts.