Modified Search Module

Create efficient search capabilities and allow your results to be faster and more relevant.

Modified Search Module for Magento

Allegro Modified Search empowers site admins to assign weighted values to searchable attributes and weights to how the word was found.  It allows quick configuration updates such as changing the search from OR to AND. It also contains a find and replace table you can configure (if searching AND any items found in the synonym table will be searched as OR) and also a word exclusions table that allows words to be removed  from search -   could be used to remove “and”, “is” and any other word you don’t want weighted.  Additionally, searchable fields can be weighted, not weighted or weighted only if exact.

The system adds to the existing Magento Quick search and assigns a calculated relevance value based on your configuration.  Changing the site from OR to AND limits large result sets down.



  Easy to install using the Magento Connect Manager



  Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for configuring the module  

Modified Search Module for Magento


Fast, accurate search results



Compatible with: Community 1.9 thru



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