Magento Save Cart

Unlike a wishlist, this functionality will allow products to show up in the shopping cart, ready for purchase!

Allegro's Save Cart extension will allow your customers to save their shopping carts for later or to duplicate previous orders.  Simply add the products to the shopping cart and select the "Save Shopping Cart" button. Customers can save multiple carts depending on their unique needs. Carts can be viewed and accessed from the "Customer Accounts" page by selecting the "Saved Shopping Carts" link in the "My Account" navigation.

Features of the Magento Save Cart extension:

  • Simple, two-step process for saving carts.

  • Can save multiple carts.

  • Saved carts cannot be viewed unless shopper is logged in to their account.

 Magento Save Cart



Compatible with:

Community 1.6, 1.61,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1,

Enterprise 1.12.0





*The Magento Save Cart extension has only been tested for compatibility for the versions listed above. 

**Currently, there is no demo available for this product.

***The extension does not support bundle or configurable products.