Rely on the experience of Allegro's certified Magento developers to give you an enterprise-class web store with all of the latest innovations in ecommerce solutions.

With so many retailers in the online marketplace, Allegro, can help you stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching website that is built on the Magento platform. Considered by many as the "premier" ecommerce solution, Magento offers your business the opportunity to control the content, functionality, look and feel of your online store.

While we work with companies of all sizes and budgets, our expertise lies in customization of your Magento ecommerce site to offer you what you never imagined would be available.


Increase Your Magento Speeds


Don't let the size of your website slow you down.  Through many years of fine tuning Magento site for
optimal performance, Allegro has found that by using a particular combination of alternate engines and
modification to parameters we are able to significantly increase the speed at which your site processes.


Inventory Management at Warehouse

 Inventory Management

Allegro's team of resourceful programmers push the limits of Magento's flexibility to provide you with the
MOST effective ecommerce solution for company's with inventory levels exceeding 250K.


Integrate your magento with other mission critical business applications


Ecommerce doesn't have to be difficult for manufacturers and distributors.  Allegro's latest product,
OneSource ERP, let's you manage your products, pricing, inventory and shipping from your ERP data.


Magento's Responsive Templates

 Responsive Templates

Allegro will ensure that your customers will have optimal viewing across a wide range of devices
including desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.


Allegro Offers Magento SEO Tuning

 SEO Tuning

While Magento has excellent SEO capabilities off the shelf, there are always things you can
do to improve your exposure.  Ask us about on-page SEO and blogging.


The platform is just the beginning.

Make your store do more with Magento Community, the Magento extension marketplace. There is no shortage of options for increased functionality.  


To join the ever growing Magento community and see why so many others have made the switch, contact Allegro to schedule an introductory call.

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