Ecommerce Solutions for Furniture Sales

Selling furniture online presents a specific set of requirements that various other retailers may not have to consider. For example, you sell a product that often times, can be customized. Will you need a shopping cart that lets customers to select a color for their new sofa or chair?

You are also shipping a product that is much larger than the typical online purchase. How about website integration with shipping companies such as UPS or FedEx? You will need a customized ecommerce solution that will handle all of the processes from order to shipping so you don't have to worry about the details.

The process of buying furniture can be very time consuming. There is a lot of emotion that goes into a purchase where the choices are so personal. Allegro can create an ecommerce store that is inviting and easy-to-use so your customers can evaluate options, make decisions, and finally purchase with no hassle or unexpected events.

Allegro has years of experience working with furniture companies like yours' to create and maintain a modern and reliable web store. Our team has experience with analyzing your unique needs and translating them into a unique, customized ecommerce website.

Client Success Story

A high-end furniture retailer came to Allegro with the need to easily update thousands of products on their website at any time.  The current web designer had to manually make changes regularly, which was cumbersome and costly for the client.  The client turned to Allegro for a customized web storefront application.  The end goal was a dynamic, functional website where customers could review and buy their products. While at the same time, the client needed to be able to update products quickly and easily without the help of a developer.  Together Allegro and the client came up with ideas for a website that allowed visitors to create accounts, shop, review products, sign up for newsletters, and even create floor plans for spaces using an online room planner.

Using osCommerce as the platform, Allegro was able to:

  • Create customized menus allowing the client to quickly find and update product information.
  • Build a custom application that allowed visitors to plan furniture placement using room diagrams.
  • Create a custom product catalog allowing selections to be viewed in multiple finishes and fabrics.
  • Create customer account portal and newsletter sign-up.
  • Create a virtual warehouse that displays unique finds from exotic locations.

Furniture ShowroomWhen your business is furniture sales, selection is key.

You need a dynamic and easy to view product catalog.

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