As a leading integrator of ERPs and eCommerce solutions, Allegro has partnered with Distribution One to be their preferred eCommerce solution provider.  Built on the Magento Platform, OneSource ERP offers a robust user experience and exceptional flexibility.  Provide your customers the convenience and ease of online ordering, as well as the benefit of a customer portal allowing them to view and manage their purchase history and payments with an ERP integrated ecommerce website - not simply an online ordering portal, but a full-featured web store.

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Benefits of OneSource ERP


Proven Customer Success

The number don't lie.  With many of our OneSource ERP customers having been online for over a year now, we are able to show you just how well their ecommerce sites are performing with the help of our ERP integration.


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Seamless Flow of Data

OneSource ERP allows 99% of your website data to be managed from your ERP. Your web store will have accurate and up-to-date pricing and inventory data that is pulled from your ERP.   In turn, your ERP will be updated with customer order, payment and shipping information that is submitted through the eCommerce customer portal. 


 How We Use Your ERP Data Infographic

Multiple Editions

OneSource ERP is tailored to meet your needs.  We have 4 editions to choose from, Basic through Ultimate, that offer varying levels of service to fit your business and budget.  Download our OneSource ERP Edition Document to learn more and then contact Allegro for help in finding the perfect fit.

 OneSource ERP Editions Document

Customer Portal

Give your customers 24/7 access to their account details including real-time order history, invoice history and shipping status.   The OneSource ERP customer account portal includes the ability to view and edit these details as well as duplicate recent items attached to a previous order.  Custom functionality such as Purchase History with Reorder, Saved Cart Download, and file upload are available to OneSource ERP Ultimate edition subscribers. 

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Responsive Templates

Each of the Magento templates we offer will look great across mobile devices.  With today's customer often shopping on the go, your website needs to be accessible from wherever they are. Offer them a seamless experience from desktop to tablet or mobile phone using one of our four OneSource ERP templates. 




How Does OneSource ERP Work?

Download a PDF of this infographic here.


OneSource ERP is a powerful tool that provides efficiencies and increased productivity.  Automatic synchronization of your customer data, parts information, inventory levels and order history will keep you on-track and up-to-date with no manual keying of data. Automated 24x7 monitoring will ensure your eCommerce site is up and available to your customers at all hours of the day.

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