Our Products

Allegro is committed to enhancing and contributing to the open source communities.  We have created valuable additions for a few different opensource projects.

Learn more about our products below.


  • OneSource ERP

    OneSource ERP is the premier connector between the industry leading e-commerce framework Magento and the most widely used ERP solutions for wholesalers and distributors

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  • Magento SysSync

    Maintain database integrity during the development cycle of your Magento eCommerce site.

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  • Magento Save Cart

    Unlike a wishlist, this functionality will allow products to show up in the shopping cart, ready for purchase!

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  • Magento Banner Manager

    Attract more buyers and gain more sales with this Adminhtml module that makes managing homepage banners simple.

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  • Magento Quick Order Extension

    Make easy work of adding multiple products to your cart at once.

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  • osCommerce Coupon Module

    Create coupon codes quickly and easily to give your customers a discount on their online purchases.

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  • OneSource ERP Extensions

    Get more from your OneSource ERP implementation with these extensions!  Made to enhance your web store, these add-ons create even more opportunity for selling, integration, and analytics.  

    We all know that the easier your website is to use, the more likely that your customers will use it.  With options like quick order and purchase history with reorder, your customers will have no problem making repeat purchases.  And you as a business owner or manager can make easier work of marketing with functionality such as featured products and ultimate marketing sliders.   

    If you are not currently a OneSource ERP customer, contact Allegro to hear about how we can help you sell on the web easily.

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  • Modified Search Module

    Create efficient search capabilities and allow your results to be faster and more relevant.

  • ProDashboard


    Have Allegro set up ProDashboard, the Nagios plug-ins we built and use ourselves to ensure Progress databases and systems are running smoothly.

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  • Coding Smart

    Step beyond the classroom and into the real world. Coding Smart is the only ADM2 "how-to" book available.

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  • Attributes Module


    The Attributes Module is used to group contacts, leads, and accounts in SugarCRM by shared characteristics.

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  • Total Network Care Plan

    Are you a small or mid-sized business looking for network support? Tired of having unexpected IT costs?