Since 1993, Allegro's leaders Mike Lonski and Matt Stone have always firmly believed in keeping strong relationships with our clients, technology partners, and the community at large.

Below are some partnerships we have made to deliver excellent Progress and open-source support. These partnerships help us serve our Progress and open-source clients with the best, cutting-edge service possible.Our partnership with Progress Software Corporation (PSC) has allowed us to develop new frameworks and products relying on Progress technology. It has also given us the great opportunity to lead four well-established Progress user groups, which frequently meet with Progress technology leaders. By partnering with SugarCRM, the backbone behind the leading CRM SugarCRM, we are able to give our clients the latest information about new open-source application releases and the insight they need to stay efficient.

Powered by Progress - Allegro Progress Software Corporation

Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) is a worldwide, independent enterprise software company that enables businesses to be operationally responsive to changing conditions and customer interactions as they occur – to capitalize on new opportunities, drive greater efficiencies and reduce risk.

The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class enterprise software spanning event-driven visibility and real-time response, open integration, data access and integration, and application development and deployment – all supporting on-premises and SaaS/Cloud deployments. Progress maximizes the benefits of operational responsiveness while minimizing IT complexity and total cost of ownership.

To help in delivering excellent Progress support and application development, Allegro has partnered with Progress Software Corporation.

Allegro - xTuple Partner xTuple

xTuple, the world's #1 open source software, can power your entire company with one system - accounting, time & expense, CRM , sales, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory and distribution. Allegro's partnership with xTuple allows us to implement and customize your  xTuple accounting, CRM, and ERP software.

Allegro - Dell partner Dell

While not focused on reselling hardware, our partnership with Dell gives us leverage to build top-of-the-line servers and workstations for our clients that need such help.